【Winning Deck】Rowlet&AlolanExeggutor-GX/Rillaboom Decklist【Japanese New Deck】

I will introduce Rowlet&AlolanExeggutor-GX/Rillaboom decklist today.

Rowlet&AlolanExeggutor-GX/Rillaboom Decklist



Super Growth
Seach your deck for a card that evolves from 1 of your [G] Pokemon and put it onto that Pokemon to evolve it. If that Pokemon is now a Stage 1 Pokemon, search your deck for a Stage 2 Pokemon that evolves from that Pokemon and put it onto that Pokemon to evolve it. Then, shuffle your deck.

Calming Hurricane 150
Heal 30 damage from this Pokemon.

Tropical Hour 200
If this Pokemon has at least 3 extra Energy attached to it(in addition to this attack’s cost), your opponent shuffles all Energy from all of their Pokemon into their deck.


Ability:Voltage Beat
Once during your turn, you may search your deck for up to 2 [G] Energy cards and attach them to 1 of your Pokemon. Then, shuffle your deck.

Hammer In 140


Wrath of Wrath 30+
If any your [G] Pokemon were Knocked Out by damage from an opponent’s attack during their last turn, this attack does 90 more madage.

Giga Hammer 200
This Pokemon can’t use Giga Hammer during your next turn.

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